black literature press

black literature press
   Black literary and arts presses and magazines include: Payback Press (re-releases key black texts such as Ben Sidran’s Black Talk), X Press (London based publishers since 1992 of new and classic black fiction and especially pulp fiction such as Victor Headley’s Yardie), Hansib (the oldest and largest black publishing house in Britain), Ruther-ford (imprint of Dangaroo press publishing black British literature), The Voice (Afro-Caribbean weekly), Trends (UK’s most popular Muslim magazine), and Artrage (a long-standing black arts magazine). In the 1970s and 1980s, black presses such as New Beacon Books, Peepal Tree and Bogle-L’Ouverture also started to make significant inroads into the poetry market. In the academic sphere, of most note is Wasafiri, a journal of literary criticism, imaginative writing, essays on the arts, events and resources related to Caribbean, African, Asian and associated literatures in English. Founded in 1984, it was originally published by The Association for the Teaching of Caribbean, African and Asian Literatures to foster multicultural debate and publish new writing.

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